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    How to re-create this in QlikView?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we have a graphic that someone at some point created in Excel and which is widely used until today.

      (I have attached a pic of it, don't ask me what is what, I never quite understood)


      => We now have a QV_dashboard for our customer to design our customer_communication in "pull" manner.

      <=> That specific KPI is just a static picture with just that graphic, for that is how our customer knows it.

      <=> needless to say, I am less than happy with that fact for it contradicts the very thought of "pull communication".


      <=> My question is thus, how can we re-create that in QlikView (never mind colours and stuff)

           - I mean just the "main" chart - the one below must be another one I guess, that can be done

           - In the main chart, the lines are quite easy to create, of course
              <=> the difficult parts are  that vertical "beam" which must be between those two lines (it moves) and
                      that "partial shading" - you see the charting_area is shaded vertically to the green line and horizontally
                      to the right edge of that "beam"


      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,