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    Bug in Distribution Service?

    Angelos Vlisidis

      I have a very simple document that works fine in qlikview desktop. It refreshes in 2 seconds but when refreshed in distribution service it never ends keeping the qvb.exe process at 100% cpu until ended by hand.


      I found the problem to be the use of a variable in the formula of other variable. The exact code that hangs is:


      set yr_amnt    = if (year(SAL_DATE) = year($1) AND BEFORE_AFTER = 0, SAL_AMOUNT);

      set mo_amnt    = if (month(SAL_DATE) = month($1) and day(SAL_DATE) <= day($1), $(yr_amnt($1)));


      Note that mo_amnt uses yr_amnt in the formula.


      Then I changed the second variable to this:


      set mo_amnt    = if (month(SAL_DATE) = month($1) and

                           day(SAL_DATE)  <= day($1)   and

                           year(SAL_DATE)  = year($1)  and

                           BEFORE_AFTER    = 0, SAL_AMOUNT);


      Functionally equivalent, but is not using the first variable. This time the job finished in 2 seconds.

      It looks like qlikview districution service runs in a infinite loop when evaluating variables inside other variables.....


      Have anyone else experienced the same?