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    Table shows all other dates when selected date is null

      I have a pivot table wherethe dimensions are the customer service rep, client company, the date of the current call, date of the last call, and then the expression is simply the notes from the call.


      However, when the rep is absent, there is obviously no activity for her on that day. When I try to select the previous day via a bookmark, if there is no data for that date, then the chart displays all the previous dates that did have activity, when I would want the chart to be empty.


      Here is the formula for the dimension "Current Call":



      I use this because there can be multiple calls to a customer on a one day.


      To pick the previous day, I use a bookmark =CurTab.CallDate=FirstWorkDate(today(0)-1,1)


      Please note everything works perfectly so long as one activity exists on that day. It's only

      when there's no current data that it picks all the previous days.


      Any thoughts?