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    Dynamic background color for dimension in pivot table with horizontal dimension?


      we have a strange problem:

      There  is a pivot table for which we want to define dynamic background colors for one of the dimensions depending of a calculation.

      It works fine when all dimensions of the pivot table are just next to each other, going vertical.


      But when we move the last dimension to go horizontal (to the right), it doesn't work properly. as soon as there is a missing value (e.g. because for a line there is no value in one of the dimensions which goes to the right) the expression for the color doesn't deliver any result.


      For a better understanding i attached an example:

      In the first object everything is fine.

      In the second and third object the cell for Dim1 = B and Dim1 = C are not colored as they should. This happens because in these lines Dim2 starts with missing values (a and b show the -, so missing).

      In the third chart the cells for B and C are gray, so the expressions seems to deliver NULL.


      Do you know any trick how to surround or ignore the missing values and achieve the same coloring as in the very first chart?


      Thanks a lot!