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    Associate AGGR functions ?

    Benoît GIRARD

      Dear all,


      I'm working with sales documents/ sales document lines and the delivery document/ delivery document lines

      A sales sales document could have several schedule lines .


      I need to count the number of Schedulines with the following rules

      ActualGoodsMovementDate <PlannedGoodsIssueDate

      & one delivery document per Scheduline Lines !! (we do not want to count sales lines deliver in several times)

      Aggr function.PNG.pngaggr(sum(

      The following formula is working, but how I can add the case count(DelvDoc)=1 ?




                   if( "ActualGoodsMovementDate" <= "PlannedGoodsIssueDate"  ,1, 0)



      thanks in advance for your help.