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    Oanda data load

    Evelien Morel

      Hi all,


      About 2 years ago, I got the following link to extract data from Oanda (a currency site) from this forum.

      It has worked perfectly ever since until 01/04/2014.


      I have no idea what has changed an also no idea how to adjust the link to make it work again.

      Does anybody have any ideas to help me fix this?


      Here you find the codes which extracts the data from Oanda:


      For i = '01/01/2011' to Today()


      Let dd = Date(i, 'MM/DD/YY');





          Date($(i))                                                     As ExchangeDate,



          Evaluate([EUR/1 Unit])                                      As ToEUR,

          Evaluate([Units/1 EUR])                                     As FromEUR,

          Year($(i))                                                     As Year,

          Month($(i))                                                 As Month,

          Day($(i))                                                     As Day,

          Week($(i))                                                     As Week,

          WeekYear($(i)) & '-' & Num(Week($(i)),'00')                 As RollingWeek,

          Weekday($(i))                                                 As WeekDay,

          Date(MonthStart($(i)),'YYYY-MM')                             As RollingMonth,

          Right(year($(i)),2) & '-Q' & ceil(Month($(i))/3)              As [YearQtr],

          'Q' & Ceil(Month($(i))/3)                                     As Quarter





          (html, codepage is 1252,  embedded labels, table is @1);  



      Store tEuroRates into D:\QlikView\QV Storage\DATA\QVD\EuroRates.QVD;


      drop table tEuroRates;