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    Filling Date Gaps During Load Set Frequency

    Richard Kroutil

      I have been scouring the discussion groups on filling date gaps. My need is that I need to generate a date based on a frequency.


      So I have a start date:      01/01/2014

      an End Date:                    12/31/2014

      and a frequency of:          30 days

      Value                              5

      I want to be able to populate a date every days up to the end date, but not everyday. I know the 30 days don't translate to the dates below, this is just an example.



      4/1/2014 ...

      Using the other methods in the groups, I see how to fill in every day, but that is not what I was shooting for.

      I have attached an example.

      Any help would greatly be appreciated and thank you in advance.