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    pivot table relative percentage in expression

    Andrea Gigliotti


      I have a pivot table with 3 dimensions.

      I need to achieve the relative function as the option for expression in straight table but using pivot table.

      I solved it using the IF statement with DIMENSIONALITY, take a look below:


      If( Dimensionality() = 1,

        sum( {< [Anno movimento] = {'$(=Year(today())-2)'}, [Data MMGG] = {">=$(vMMGGdal)<=$(vMMGGal)"} >} total [Ore lavorate]),

      If( Dimensionality() = 2,

        sum( {< [Anno movimento] = {'$(=Year(today())-2)'}, [Data MMGG] = {">=$(vMMGGdal)<=$(vMMGGal)"} >} Total <[Gruppo attività]> [Ore lavorate]),

      If( Dimensionality() = 3,

        sum( {< [Anno movimento] = {'$(=Year(today())-2)'}, [Data MMGG] = {">=$(vMMGGdal)<=$(vMMGGal)"} >} Total <[Gruppo attività], [Gruppo attività L6]> [Ore lavorate]) ) ) )


      Is there a way using a single expression without the needs of IF statement to achieve the same results ?


      Thank you in advance for your time.


      Best regards