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    Create Variable that is Today -6 Months

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I have the below in my script to create a variable that is the minimum and maximun date for my field. What would I need to change to make the variable identify 6 months from TODAY(). I want the Min variable to be 6 months in the past and the Max to be 6 in the future. I have modified it but cannot figure out the correct function to identify month.




      num(min(daystart(column_fields))) as MinPoolDate,
      num(max(daystart(column_fields))) as MaxPoolDate

      RESIDENT IRR_Data;

      DROP TABLE IRR_Data;

      LET vStartDate = Date(peek('MinPoolDate',0,'Temp'),'M/DD/YYYY');
      LET vEndDate = Date(peek('MaxPoolDate',0,'Temp'),'M/DD/YYYY');

      DROP TABLE Temp;