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    Script modification for P&L

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create a QV report for SAP data txt file in order to get a qvd file.

      The material thus needs to be modified to get the data in better format.


      Here is an examle of the script (each field is segregated for one column data txt file):


      @18:21 as Year,

           @22:25 as CompanyID,

           @26:27 as LedgerType,

           @28:37 as CostCenterNro,

           @38:47 as AccountNro,

           @48:60 as AmountJan,

           @61:61 as Mark1,



      Mark1 specifies the sign (+/-) for values for AmountJan (January). How can I modify this in script, so that I get the values strait with proper sign?


      Problem 2:

      The values in AmountJan for example carries two decimals in the value. How can I add comma to get correct value?

      Example: 761686 --> 7 616,86


      As you might notice, I'm fairly new with Qlikview. Hopefully you can help me with this too.


      Thank you in advance,