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    User changed size on a listbox and can't reset it



      We have listbox for our week selection.

      The listbox are set to allow cloning and copying but not to move or change layout on them.


      I have two users who has somehow managed to change the layout. Instead of the dates being vizualised in two rows with 27 weeks in each row this one user has narrowed it down so it only is one row and a long scroll.


      Now I nor the user can't get the original Layout back.


      I've tried to distrbute a new copy where I allowed change layout and helping the user to set the layout back, but when we close the application and re-open it, it's back to only a single row.


      We tried to hit "remove last document" state several times - but no!


      I've been looking at the user's selection in the .shared file but can't find anything connected to that listbox - just new sheets and new sheets object she has made by herself.


      The users are using the IE plugin and we are running Qlikview v 10 SR2