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    Experience with QlikView in the cloud!?

    Klaus Feldam

      There are some great articles and discussions in the community about QlikView in the cloud, including this one from 2012:



      Is there anyone who has practical, first-hand experience with the running of QlikView in a private cloud or QlikView in a SaaS set-up?

      We are currently running QlikView on premise, but seriously considering several cloud options.


      What are some real-life experiences that you have had - good and bad?

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          Neil Gulliver

          Hi, Klaus.

          I have worked in organisations that rely heavily on 3rd party cloud servers.


          In a small organisations you are given external IT support and can reduce the costs of having in-house servers.

          Flexibility in expanding or reducing IT infrastructure requirements (assuming that your contract is not too restricted).

          Upgrades handled by 3rd party.



          Dependence on external network

          Dependence on response times of 3rd party. Service Level Agreements need to be agreed with cloud supplier.

          Infrastructure performance can be impacted by excessive use by other customers of 3rd party cloud. Good 3rd party cloud suppliers should ensure this doesn't happen.