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    How to load pivoted dimensions to Qlikview?

    Samith Perera

      Hi all,

      I have a pivot table in Excel to be loaded to Qlikview. I have already used CrossTable and reformated the table. And that's fine.


      My problem is the dimensions. They are in a pivoted categorized form as follows.


      (Bold ones are main category and the next column is the sub category)


      Is there a way to load them to table columns as follows? (Without using another categories matching up table)


      REVENUEOther Legacy
      REVENUE2010 NBS
      REVENUE2011 NBS
      REVENUE2012 NBS
      REVENUE2013 NBS
      REVENUEProvision for refunds
      VARIABLE COSTSProvider Payments
      VARIABLE COSTSAdministrative Fees