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    Non-matching intervals and bar/line graphs


      Hi All

      I'm working on completing an application. I have data from various non-SQL sources, some is reported at intervals of 5 minutes, some at intervals of 30 minutes and some that is only reported once a day.

      I have created a Master Calendar with time intervals of every 5 minutes, which is all good. My issue stems from display on a graph. The attachment illustrates my issue (the two inconspicuous dots at the top left don't demonstrate the data very well). It is particularly a problem when a single day is selected. Ideally a horizontal line would be displayed instead of the dot.

      I'm open to filling in the data within the day or any other solution, as long as I don't need to store 287 new rows for each row. This approach would make selecting hour and minute values in the calendar more useful, also. I looked at IntervalMatch but I don't think that is what I need, but it could be.

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