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    Designing reports

    Frank Mogavero


      I have a report which hsows the following fields: Reconciling Department, Account Number, Account Title, Description, Current Balance. The report is grouped by Reconciling Department. I have the page banded by reconciling department.At the bottom of each pag is a disclaimer. It works well except for two things. The report prints page that have no information and charts longer than the page get squeezed down. See attached.

      I have been trying to figure this out for a long time so any suggestions will be helpful.




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            Frank Mogavero

            Thanks for the quick response.


            The Attachment to G/L Reconciliation checklist report needs to have the textbox at the bottom of each page. A multi-page report  does not have enough width in the footer for this.


            A single page report squeezes the table onto one page with the Disclaimer at the bottom. It also puts the Department Name in the disclaimer at the bottom.


            I think I need some kind of hybrid solution. I need the table to span multiple pages if it is longer than one page and I need the text box disclaimer at the bottom of each page. Is this possible?

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                Greg Williams

                Can you place all desired repeatable items into the Main section of a multi-sectioned report instead of the footer?

                Will Banding the report work (by some dimension) to keep the page contents, if available to a single sheet...would be akin to condensing the table content into the main section of the report.


                By using Page Settings > Multi Page (for long tables) > this provides the flexibility to Adjust Print for Paper section > Scale to desired width and height of pages or Fit to Pages.



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              Frank Mogavero

              Greg, thank you for the helpful suggestions. I went witht he footer idea although I could have used the appendix feature and made it display on every page.