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    Sum of contrat in interval

    Hervé Vanderheyden



      I'm in trouble with an expression...



      Products sold by salesman belong's to categories, and these categories are regrouped by family

      I must count salesman for each interval (Dimension: Strate vendeur) for earch categories

      Intervals are stored in Data Island where "Strate vendeur" is the interval's label field, "Limite inférieure" is the interval's lowest value field  and "Limite supérieure" is the interval's bigest values field. e.g: 1 à 5 --> [1 - 5]






      I 've written the following expression "Nombre" : Sum ({$<Matricule={"=Sum(Nombre)>=$(=Min([Limite inférieure]))"}> * $<Matricule={"=Sum(Nombre)<=$(=Max([Limite supérieure]))"}>} [Compteur vendeur]) , but the expression doesn't works because Min([Limite inférieure]) and Max([Limite supérieure]) return 0 and 999 for each rows.


      Field "Compteur vendeur" is my Salesman dimension counter (avoid count(DISTINCT Salesman_id))


      Pleas help