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    Two calendars required or not?

      hi community,


      i'm having a bit of trouble getting my head round how to structure some data.


      Currently I have a very simple data structure with 3 tables


      UserSessionDetails - this table records a user's session when they log into our software

      UserSignatures - this table hold details on those users, such as when the login was created.


      simple table.bmp


      This enables me to produce a simple chart showing the number of unique users loggin in each week.


      However, the problem arises when I need to show the % of total users logging in over time. To do this I need to use the CreatedDate field in the UserSignature table, because i need to know how many users existed at a certain point in time.


      What is the best way to do this? Do I need separate calendars? One for UserSignature.CreatedDate and another one for SessionStartedDate?