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    QV Server Upgrade Requirements

      Hi Guys,


      I'm about to upgrade our QV SR3 to SR5, I will be doing it for the first time and I just wanted to ask you what I would need beside the installers. I don't want to destroy our system, so my most important doubts are:
      1. is QV installer "intelligent" so it will just upgrade the core and preserve the existing configuration, or will I need to configure everything from the scratch?
      2. Will it recognize which components are installed?
      3. What will I need to do or configure beside running the installer?

      Our current QV version is: 11.20.12018.0 SR3 64bit for Windows.


      In the list of QV services I can see the following:

      SERVICE_NAME: QlikView Directory Service Connector

      SERVICE_NAME: QlikView Distribution Service

      SERVICE_NAME: QlikView Management Service

      SERVICE_NAME: QlikView Server

      SERVICE_NAME: QlikView Webserver




      Thanks so much in advance for any help!