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    Vamshi Tataipelli

      I can see the qvw file under USER DOCUMENTS, even after deleting the actual file in the User folder. See the Attachments.

      How can i remove them from the USER DOCUMENTS and free the Doc CALs for the documents?

          Vamshi Tataipelli

          Hi again,


          This is helpful, http://community.qlik.com/message/499431#499431


          Looking at the event logs in Qlikview server, I have seen the path of the user documents, is in Qliktech\Documents\....

          I created the path and copied the .meta and .shared files to the specified folder and renamed the file according to what i see in the USER DOCUMENTS in QMC.
          Then in QMC, i have removed the authorization, Doc CALs and bookmarks etc and refreshed the QMC.


          Then the document disappeared in USER DOCUMENTS in QMC. But still one qvw exists. I did the same for this. But it still throws up the error "Failed to set document meta data". Not sure why

            Gonzalo Ruiz



            Yo need to release back the document´s document cals and all users also. If you have a nr of  document license you will also need to release this.


            BR //Gonza

                Vamshi Tataipelli

                I missed out and without releasing the document CALs, i deleted the user document. Now. If i want to release the CALs, it is throwing a msg "Failed to set document Meta data". Don't know how to resolve it.


                When i see the event log file, it is showing the .shared file disappeared: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents\BBT\UPDATED VERSION\BBT_WORKGROUP_ANALYSIS.QVW.Shared.


                But i have created the path and placed the shared and meta file in that location. Also, renamed the files to 'as shown in event log'. Still no response.


                Infact, if i want to delete these files, it is not allowing me to do that. Instead throws an error, "File is open in server. Close it and then delete". How can i reslove this?

                    Gonzalo Ruiz

                    I found this old guide that maybe help you:


                    The number of Document CALs assigned does not match the number believed to be assigned.  In other words if the user looks at each document and counts the number of Document CALS assigned to each, this number does not match what QlikView is showing in the Management Console.


                    The user may also notice that under Documents > User Documents there may be a QVW listed all in caps (MYQVW.QVW) that does not appear in the folder indicated.  This is a good indicator that this is the culprit.


                    When deleting a QVW it is best to remove the assigned Document CALs first, then delete the QVW.  By doing this the Document CALs are released and put back into the pool.

                    For example:
                    You have total 30 Doc Cals available at the beginning. You assign 3 Doc Cals to a file named film.qvw. So you suppose to have 27 doc cals left. When you rename the file name to film_1.qvw or remove to another folder. You will find the doc cals available on the server is still 27. No matter how many times you restart the services or even delete .shared file, .pgo files in the user documents folder.

                    When you rename the file name back or restore the file to the folder, you will find the file is still contain 3 doc cals.


                    There are 3 ways to resolve this problem, Based on the CALs quantity, you can apply the best possible solution:

                    Resolution 1:

                    1. Stop the QlikView Server service.
                    2. Add PgoAsXmlAlso=1 under [Settings 7]  in the Settings.ini file located in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer (default location)
                    3. Restart the QlikView Server service
                    4. Navigate to Root Directory and Open the CalData.pgo.xml file to determine to which document the CALs were assigned
                    5. Create a new blank QVW file named the same as document listed in CalData.pgo.xml & save it in the Root directory
                    6. In Management Console, navigate to Documents > User Documents and locate QWV created in the previous step
                    7. Click Document CALs tab and set Number of CALs allocated to this Document to zero and click Apply
                    Note: This resolution can be applied where the assigned CALs are HIGH in number.
                    Resolution 2:
                    1. Stop QVS and QMS as when you remove files it might still remain in the memory,
                    2. And then delete both caldata.pgo file under the "user documents" and also "ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer"
                    3. Restart the services

                    Note:This resolution can be applied where the assigned CALs are in LOW in number.


                    Resolution 3:

                    Clear the license information and reapply again


                    Note:This resolution can be applied where the assigned CALs are in LOW in number.

                  Laurens Schepers

                  This steps worked for me:

                  1. Looking at the EVENT-log for the error record of DOCUMENT. (e.g 300 Error SE_LOG: Server - GetDocumentInfo: Failed at create/open document C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents\D:\PRODUCTION\MTO-TRENDIY.QVW. ...)

                  2. Create an (empty) Qlikview with the same and the same place as the second part of the error-record. In this case D:\PRODUCTION\MTO-TRENDIY.QVW

                  3. In QMC go to tab Documents, refresh, delete Document Cals's and set Number of Cal's to 0


                  The Document was deleted in tab Status


                  4. Clear the settings on the other 'Documents'-tabs

                  5. Delete the tempory document including shared- and meta-file