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    weekend in Master Calendar

      We have volume in Saturday and Sunday. But we want to add saturday volume to friday and sunday volume to monday.

      How do we change master calendar for this requirement? We don't want to change anything on the database table.we prefer Changes in the master calendar .

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          If you only need to fool the system I would add a column in your master calendar with tha new value that you need to point, then use it instead of the old one, so you calendar would look like this:


          KeyDayNew Day



          Of course you can change the labels so the new column be the old one, I'm trying to understand what you need and this is what occurs to me but if not please let me know.

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            Manish Kachhia

            You can create a DayFlag in your master calendar script..


            IF(WeekDay(Date) = 5, Dual('Fri',4), IF(WeekDay(Date) = 6, Dual('Mon',0), Dual(WeekDay(Date),WeekDay(Date)))) as DayFlag