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    Doubles in Pivot tables


      I have a little problem with a Pivot table.  I understand why this happens but not how I can solve this in some easy (or hard) way

      The information in the Pivot table come from following tables:

      Fact table:  [Innvoice No.], [Line Type], [Spl Country],[Receiver Country],[Order Type],[Inv Amount]

      GenLedg  : [Account], [VAT Code], [GL Amount]



      I don’t need both [Inv Amount] and [GL Amount].

      What can I do to get rid of the doubles? 

      One Idea was to concatenate Spl Country to one string if there are two [Spl Country] but I’m not sure how I do that.

      Would be very thankful if someone could help me or give me some good advice.


      // Fjalar