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    Problem with QlikView 11.2 SR3 licensing

    John Martin

      Server is a new server with a fresh install of Windows Server 2008 R2.


      QlikView install is a fresh install of QlikView 11.2 SR3 - never had QV on the server before.


      In the User Preferences on QlikView Destop, on the License tab, I can normally see the server license. For no apparent reason, QlikView document reloads occasionally hang up following completion. After one of these hangups, the server license fields on User Preferences in any app show blanks, even though users can still connect to QlikView apps via the Web. If I try to change the license through User Preferences, it comes up with the message that the license could not be applied. If I then go to the QlikView Management Console and update the license from server, it updates fine and the next time I look at User Preferences the license information is showing again. Note that just updating the license through QMC is not enough; I have to try and change it first through User Preferences, then Update from QMC in order for the license to be reapplied.


      I am fairly sure these odd hang ups and the licensing issues are related. Once a QV document has hung, every attempt to open any QVW on the server is met with the message "Problems sending command" and no reloads of any QV document will proceed.


      Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hello John,


          I would first of all check with a newer client, v11.20 SR5 is out on the market. You may find the releases at http://download.qlik.com . It should work fine to only update the Desktop client.

          I am assuming you are leasing a license and want to connect via QV Desktop to the server, is this correct?

          Do you have some screenshots?


          The product should not hang at any time though, and this might be a bug. You might want to consider filing a support case for a thorough investigation.