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    Self Service User Credential Manager

    Steve Dark

      Hi there,


      I have just set up a server for a client that is sat in the Rackspace cloud.  Due to wanting to keep their network security bolted down there is no link between the cloud server and the client's domain.  To keep the security simple I am presently looking at simply setting up local users on the Rackspace machine (the number of users is going to be relatively small).   The initial set-up is not going to be a problem, via RDP and Server Manager, but what I am looking for is a way to allow users to change their passwords and unlock their own account if they have password issues.


      Obviously it is possible to code an interface to the Local User accounts using ASP or some other web based code - but I am looking for something out of the box that will do this.   Ideally users will be able to access a web page that will allow them to log in and change their password.  They should also be able to give an email address, to which a password reset link can be sent if a password is forgotten.


      Does anyone have any recommendations on this front?


      Thanks in advance,