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    Batch Script Not  Executing Properly from QMC // GPG Issue

      I've written a batch script to encrypt my output file using gpg4win.


      When I run the batch file manually on the server, it works as expected, creating the file. When I run the QVW that executes the batch file manually on the server it works fine too.


      When I run it as part of a scheduled task from the QMC, it does not work as intended, and doesn't encrypt the file (with no error messages).


      The script is running in it's entirety, because later in the batch file there are further actions which run successfully.


      The batch line is as follows:


      gpg --batch --yes --always-trust -o C:\XXXX.txt.gpg -e -r "Username" XXXX.txt


      Any ideas why the script would work fine when run from the system account on the server, but not from the QMC?


      Many thanks!