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    Governance Dashboard report is blank

      So I don't think this is an issue with the Governance Dashboard, but really an issue with bookmarks.  So essentially I have created a bookmark in the Governance Dashboard, where I have 4 documents selected and selected the users I want.  I also have it set to the drilled view instead of the sort view for document information.  I have this bookmark saved and from here I have created a report that only has that Drilled view information.  Once I got these 2 pieces done I created a task, which when run, will be reduced based on the bookmark I created and I want the task to create the report, which is selected.  The issue I have is when the task runs, it runs successfully, but the report that is generated is blank.  Now I think the reason for this is because when I open the Governance Dashboard and select my bookmark the view is in sort not drill view.  I believe that because of this it doesn't pull in the correct view so nothing gets displayed.  Though I am confused here as when I open the Governance Dashboard app in Access Point and select my bookmark, even though the view is in the sort view not the drill view I can generate the report and it will come up with the correct drill view info.

      Any help on this would be greatful as I would like to have my task generate this report for me rather than having to actually manually do it.



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          Tyler Waterfall

          Hmmm... This sounds like a tricky one.

          So you are reducing the data to the bookmark selection via the Publisher task?

          And after that task runs, you can open the Dashboard, see that the data is reduced as expected, and access the report as you want (i.e. you can drill in to view the chart as you want)?


          As I recall, there was a general issue with QlikView in saving the "fast change" state of a chart.

          My recommendation would be to copy that chart and modify it to be how you want it (straight table w/ appropriate dimensions instead of a drill) and use that in the report. Workarounds like this a bit disappointing, but that should be a quick exercise.