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    QV in DMZ with certificate trust: Found multiple X.509 certificates

    Barry Harmsen

      This is probably a long shot, but who knows. I'm deploying QlikView in a DMZ environment. We're using IIS as the webserver and have deployed only the "QlikView Settings Service" on the DMZ server. All the other services are sitting behind the firewall on another server. I am able to deploy the certificates to the webserver from the QMC sitting behind the firewall (went to the website, typed in the code, etc.).


      The problem I'm having is that, once the certificates have been added, the QlikView Setting Service will no longer start. (Part of) the event log error is:


      "Found multiple X.509 certificates using the following search criteria: StoreName 'My', StoreLocation 'LocalMachine', FindType 'FindBySubjectDistinguishedName', FindValue 'CN=MYSERVERNAME'. Provide a more specific find value."

      As the error message implies, the issue is that there are multiple certificates on the server that all have the same subject. As the search name is rather generic, it's looking for the name of the server, the search returns multiple certs. The other certificates are being used by other websites and applications that are hosted on the DMZ machine, so I cannot just remove them. Is there any way to make the search a little more specific? For example by modifying a .config file (maybe switching it to FindByThumbprint instead of FindBySubjectDistinguishedName)?


      Any help/ideas would be appreciated.