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    Complex set analysis expression

    Kasia Cwik

      I'm new to QlikView and I stumbled upon a problem. I know what I want, I can clearly see it in my head, but I cannot apply this logic to my expression. Set analysis is still very difficult for me, so I would appreciate some help with this one.

      Tables in my data model are:

      Item          |
      ItemId       |  (unique item ID)
      Shared     |  (two values: 0 and -1)
      CreatorId  |  (numberic value that corresponds to Table portal+represent a link to that table)
      VisibleTo  |  (tags corresponding to types of portals who can see the shared item, for example CBC, TGT, ELT)


      Portal             |
      CreatorId        |   (same as above)
      Creator           |   (name of the creator)
      Creator_Type |   (portal types - CBC, TGT, ELT)

      Metric to calculate is:


      Number of items being shared with other Portals - out of all shared items, how many have been shared between CBC's, how many between CBC - ELT etc. I assume I need multiple expressions, one for each and every sharing type.

      My logic is - first check if the item is shared or not, then using the CreatorId field check the creator type, then check the VisibleTo field to check to whom the creator give permissions to view that item.


      Any ideas?