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    Set analysis of a variable containing functions with other set analysis

    Rasmus Toivonen



      My first community post. Hope you can help me. I've received enourmous help from here merely by Googling. Great community!


      My problem

      I want to create a set analysis of a variable containing functions that includes other set analysis.



      I have a defined variable: that is vMySpecialMargin = sum({$<Year={2014}>} Sales) / sum({$<Year={2010}>} Costs)


      I want to do this in a chart expression: ={$<BusinessUnit={SecretServices}>} $(vMySpecialMargin)

      That gives me nothing. It doesn't work.


      What I've already tried in the chart expression that doesn't work

      ={$<BusinessUnit={SecretServices}>} $(vMySpecialMargin)


      =Sum({$<BusinessUnit={SecretServices}>} $(vMySpecialMargin))     //The sum would be redundant, but i thought it might've helped with the set analysis.


      Is it possible to do this?

      I use the function in the variable on a lot of places and when I need to tweek it it takes a lot of time as it is now. If I could put it in one common place for the charts and just change a customize a few set analysis code snippets once in each chart it would save me a lot of time and effort.

      Of course my example is for silly data but it explains my problem.


      Kind regards


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