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    Expression Total is erratic in Pivot Table, while Straight Table is OK

    Atsushi Saijo

      Dear Gurus,


      I have a strange phenomena in QV. While expression results in correct result, the total sum does not result in the correct summation per individual lines.


      In expression, we have such expression.


      • if(count({<DocDate={">=$(=MonthStart(Today(0),$(=-Y)))<=$(=MonthEnd(Today(0),$(=-Y)))"}>} DocDate)>0 ,sum(Weight) )


      Y is an input value. Initialised as 1.

      The result should be 818, but it indicates in 7,463 in Pivot Table.


      If you possibly open the attached file, upper is straight table, with total mode 'Sum of Rows'. This results in 818. While Pivot Table result in 7565. In fact, if we export into Excel, we only have 818!

      Error 2.jpg

      *Since this is only on of the columns in a report in the production release, Pivot table is mandatory.


      I'd appreciate for your support.