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    Task Dependencies

    Rubens Ganacin

      Hi folks,


      I have 3 tasks running at the same time, but i want the third one to start only after first and second have successfully finished.


      I thought that "Task Dependencies" function (in the Task Trigger tab) was there for this kind of need. But I tried to use it and didn't work. The third task runs even if first e second haven't finished yet.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Massimo Grossi

          "I thought that ............"

          yes, it is


          in QMC (qlikview management console) you can set task dependencies

          perhaps you have set to start the third task when the first is finished (instead of the second)?




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            Rubens Ganacin

            Massimo, thanks for your answer, but this is not my question!


            I have THREE TASKS set to run at the SAME TIME (6 AM), but the third one MUST to wait for the end of FIRST AND SECOND tasks. In other words, the third one will only start after the success of TWO TASKS (not only one).


            I'm using QlikView Server with Publisher, which means that I can set tasks to run "On Event from Another Task" COMBINED with DEPENDENCIES of MORE THAN ONE TASK.


            Please, see "Publisher Tasks Dependencies Function" in the attached file: 


            Thans once more for your help!

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                Vamshi Tataipelli

                How can you set the 3 tasks run at same time, if you need the 3rd one to run only on success of first 2 tasks.


                Better you can use 'on multiple tasks' and include the two tasks.

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                  Is it possible for you to schedule it like task-1 then its successful completion task-2 will run and on task-2's successful completion task-3 will run.?


                  Or you can use "on multiple tasks".




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                      Vamshi Tataipelli

                      EIther way will work. For instance, i need first two to run at a time and third after success of first two, you can give the trigger for third as 'on multiple tasks'.

                      or if you need second to start on first and third to start on success of second, you can use the trigger 'on successful completion of ' for both second and third tasks.

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                          Erik Gustafsson

                          Hi Vamshi,


                          Skip the Task dependencies and use the "multiple triggers" instead. It is better suited for your purpose:


                          Task dependencies will only work if it is successful (check Help within the QMC), whereas "multiple events" let's you set triggers even if the task fails. It should work though, so if you have checked that everything works fine in the latest release, talk to Qlik Support and they can help you out.