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    IntervalMatch with additional key leads to "false" matches; circular loop otherwise

      Hello. I am struggling with IntervalMatch creating either a circular loop or "false" matches based on which treatment I choose.


      For starters, I've modeled heavily from this: IntervalMatch and Slowly Changing Dimensions. My scenario is closest to the "Two interval tables mapped against a common dimension ID and a common time line" example in the linked PDF.

      In brief, discrete events (on different inventory items) can share a start and end time, so the bridge table is incorrectly linking different events. When I try to force an InventoryID into both tables, I get circular reference errors.

      Please see the attached .QVW. Of note, it is currently set up with the bridge table. You can see how an EventId (which corresponds to only a single InventoryId) is being linked to multiple InventoryIds because their start and end times are the same.

      I feel like I'm close, but I've been circling the drain on this for a few days.