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    An application to illustrate basic JOIN behavior in QlikView

    Evan Kurowski

      Greetings Qlikers,


      I have created this QlikView application which for my own purposes was intended to help me grasp the various types of SQL JOINS and their syntax and their anticipated renderings within QlikView objects.  I wanted this to help me understand the results in the data model from scripting, and understand what should be displayed in table boxes.


      On this application you can see I've illustrated examples of INNER, OUTER, LEFT, RIGHT, JOIN, and an example of WHERE EXISTS in the script and used descriptions on the User Interface to illustrate the results through table boxes.


      I thought this might be useful in an educational sense for those of us whom JOIN behavior is either new territory or not completely scoffable yet.  My question is... Do you think this is awesome?  Or am I a lame hoser and my application is stupid and/or lame and me and the application should just skulk away.  ~E