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    Can't assign document cal


      I have a problem,  I try to assign document call to user, but message 'no user calls for your account' still appears.

      I have 2 allocated licences, I checked option "allow dynamic cal assignment". I also tried to add user manually, but still no results

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          Mohit Sharma

          check out all application there's no assign of this doc cal  other application if assigned to other application then remove it from there and apply as appropriate

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            Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



            I see you have 20 Document CALS,

            Question to ask do you use all 20 cals earlier in your previous applications other then this.

            If so, you have utilized all your Documents cals.

            Please go to each individual application and see if you can remove a cal and allocate to the document that you are currently working on.


            Hope it helps



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              Bill Britt

              Hi Alex,


              Your issue is that you don't have any available Doc calls to assign. if you notice the second line "Document CALs not allocated on the server on server:0"


              You can try:


                Stop the QlikView Server service.

              • Add PgoAsXmlAlso=1 under [Settings 7]  in the Settings.ini file located in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer (default location)
              • Restart the QlikView Server service
              • Navigate to Root Directory and Open the CalData.pgo.xml file to determine to which document the CALs were assigned
              • Create a new blank QVW file named the same as document listed in CalData.pgo.xml & save it in the Root directory
              • In Management Console, navigate to Documents > User Documents and locate QWV created in the previous step
              • Click Document CALs tab and set Number of CALs allocated to this Document to zero and click Apply


              If the above doesn't work then you need to contact support.