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    Pointing out parts of time series in a graph?

    Marko Rakar

      I would like to create a graph of sales within a period which will have (somehow) pointed out periods when we had some parallel activity.


      For example:



      Load * INLINE


          ID, Name, Total_amount, Date

          1,   Zeus, 1000, 01.01.2014

          2,   Zeus, 1500, 01.02.2014

          3,   Zeus, 2700,  01.03.2014

          4,   Zeus, 2200,  01.04.2014




      [Marketing activities]:

      Load * INLINE


          Name, Value, Date1

          Zeus,   0, 01.01.2014

          Zeus,   250, 01.02.2014

          Zeus,   350, 01.03.2014

          Zeus,   0, 01.04.2014



      Now, in this case, I would like to have a line graph which will show volume of sales in four months, and based on the marketing activities recorded in second table, I would like to have part of the line where sales and marketing overlap somehow marked (different kind of line, different color, shaded area below the line or something). In this particular case I would need to have the line "marked" for february and march.


      Also, the purpose of "value" in the marketing activities table is to add some calculation on how much money was spent vs. (expected) sales increase in the period (so that from delta calculated from expected and actual sales we derive how much more sales was achieved vs. cost of the marketing campaign).


      Any ideas or examples on how to achieve this?

      (or ideas on how to show this in any other way)