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    Expression that leads to most occuring value

      Hi everyone,


      I am working on a study project to build a management dashboard for a school project.
      I am far ahead of my classmates, because i find this very interesting to work on.


      I am having some issues I can't solve myself. I have searched for common questions and i see them asked frequently but non of the solutions seem to solve my 'problem'.

      I have a very small dataset to work with.

      I have a table that looks like this:

      Name | Frequency

      A               34

      B               21

      C               19





      I need to show in a single text field what the most occuring Name is, in this case 'Name A'.
      How do I manage to do so?


      I am very sory for my noob-isch question on this case, unfortunatly I cant figure out how to do this.


      Best regards


      Student Business Intelligence