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    QV 10 and IIS 7.5 not working. Please help!

      Hi all,


      I am now some days on my way to get QV Server 10 working on my Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit) machine, integrated with IIS 7.5.


      I followed the steps outlined in the QV Server Installation Guide, but it already fails when testing the tunneling. That gives me a 500.0 error.

      When trying to access the QV AccessPoint, the only thing that I see is a page telling me Login Failed together with a Cancel link.


      Please, can someone tell me what can be wrong?


      The AppPool of the website is running with .NET Framework 4, with a local user account (with admin rights for the time being).

      For the tunneling test I go to http://localhost/Scripts/qvstunnel.dll?test, which gives me a 500.0 error.

      The authentication on the IIS application is both anonymous and Windows Authentication. When turning off Anonymous, I get a Window that tells me to login. But logging in does not help


      I have to integrate with IIS, because I am running more websites an that same machine, so using the QV WebServer is not an option (as far as I understood the documentation).


      Can anyone point me into the right direction?