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    Concat multiple columns and exclude null values

    Drew Collins



      I have a table with multiple columns that a want to concatenate into a single column and separate the values with a semicolon. For example, column A has "Bricks" column B has "Stones" column C has "Rocks." I want to create a column D that reads "Bricks; Stones; Rocks." This is easy to do if every row has a value in A, B, and C, but that is not the case with my data set.


      1BricksStoneRocksBricks; Stones; Rocks
      2BricksRocksBricks; ; Rocks
      3Stone; Stone; ;


      I want row 2 to read "Bricks; Rocks" and not "Bricks; ; Rocks", and I want row 3 column D to read "Stone" and not "; Stone; ; ".


      This is simple to do in Access, but I cannot figure it out in QlikView. Any help would be appreciated!


      Thanks, Drew