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    Document Licences

    deepak tibhe

      Hello Team,


      I have assigned to document licence to user deep.Now user is able to access doc successfully.

      User deep is using another 3 people for accessing same document.

      My question is is it possible to give message or restrict other people when document is opened by one of three people using same username(deep)when different user is trying to access document on different machines.





        • Re: Document Licences
          Juan Gerardo Cabeza Luque

          Hi Deepak,

               This is not a legal use of a Document CAL. A Document CAL is limited to only one user for only one document, if it is used by more users this is not allowed and QlikView restrict the access. You should think of using Named CALs (every user has access to any documents) or get more Document CALs for every user accessing the document.