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    How can I have US MSA SVG map?

      Hey guys,


      I have downloaded SVG map (using US map and US counties map), it is working great and I love it. However, the request has changed, I need to have a US MSA map. Can anybody help me with this? My questions are:


      1. Is there any US MSA SVG map? Or how can I contact SVG map developer to ask?

      2. Is that possible that I built my custom MSA SVG map? I have no experience in this before, so if I start to learn and develop one by myself, what is the work load?

      3. Any recommended alternative maps?


      Also, I want to know one more thing? How I can build one dynamic SVG map? I saw one before. One map with state level, and when I select that state, it will show counties in that state.


      Thanks!!Very appreciated!!