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    qlikview keeps opening in personal edition

    Jackie fung



      i seem to have this issue when i open my qlikview program x64 it said personal edition all of the sudden when last week it gave me a full license


      i checked the manager i have the license.. its not expired.. it sees the server.. (its on the same box)


      when i do this in test.. it looks to the server and gives me the license fine...


      my version currently is 9.0.7440.8  (yes i know we need to move off.. its in the works)


      not sure how to make it work or what i should check for.



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          Chris Rice

          It sounds like you're trying to use a Server license for Developer, when what you actually want to do is lease a license from the server.  This would also explain the fact that your Developer client was licensed last week and is not this week.  The leased licenses only last for a month at a time before you have to re-lease the license.  I'm not sure how it worked with QV 9, but in the current version you will need to go to File > Open in Server... to re-lease the CAL assigned to you (assuming you still have a CAL assigned to you).