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    Text To Columns

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      I have a column of data with values separated by commas.   I have  few tricks up my sleeve but they require a too many temp resident loads.  I was hoping to find the most optimized solution for this type of conversion:


      Source table:

      Unique ID        Guests

      1                     Joe Smith, Amy Lee, John Deer

      2                     Amy Lee, Jane Doe

      3                    Jerry Jones, John Deer, Joe Smith

      4                    Jack Rabbit, Cecil Williams


      Destination Table:

      I want to load it as


      ID                Guest

      1                  Joe Smith

      1                  Amy Lee

      1                  John Deer

      2                  Amy Lee

      2                  Jane Doe

      3                  Jerry Jones

      3                  John Deer

      3                  Joe Smith

      4                  Jack Rabbit

      4                  Cecil Williams