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    Triggering conditional show variables not working on server AccessPoint

      Dear fellow community members.

      I have a qvw I created for tablet use which works fine on the desktop client. It contains 6 dashboards with each 3 to 5 dashboard pages and buttons to navigate between pages and dashboards. All is optimized for ipad.

      On the Developer application my conditional triggers (opensheet closesheet set vshowpage=1) work just fine.

      When I load/login into the same application through the web browser no conditions seem to be applied. Everything is displayed fine but not starting at the first page within a dashboard.

      This seems to be an issue in Qlik since a few versions ago. Has anyone found a solution to cope with this?

      Is there some setting that needs to be changed? Is it because of the Ajax client? Any other ideas?

      I'm using Version 11 sr5, so it is the latest version.

      Thanks for any help or suggestions.