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    Ranking with multiple dimensions. (rank changes when sorting)

      Hello, I apologize if this has been answered before I have searched for a solution with no avail.


      I am trying to create a table with my company's sales ranking in different countries over time, I have multiple dimensions,

      Country & Brand and I want to rank the current month and the previous month to track changes. I have used Set analysis to disregard selections in Country and to force a specific month in the ranking and it works when viewing the entire table sorted on country.


      I do however want to display only my own company in the table and when I either try to limit the view or sort on company the rankings change to show which country is ranked best for each company


      What I want to accomplish in the attached example is show all countries,only company X, and the ranking company X has in that country.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.