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    Qlikview Governance Dashboard Scan Historic data?

    Michael Szczygiel

      Good afternoon we have installed QGD 1.1 onto our Qlikview Server and have managed to scan some data in there from the server logs but we want to know why we only see data for one week? Is this because the data is only kept for one week for sessions? Can I increase this? Is there a setting to change the length of session logs kept in the Qlikview Management Console?


      Will it matter? As I presume every time we scan we will keep the old historical data and this will be bought into the QGD too?


      If I wanted to look at trend data for the last year can I not do this until I have built up some scans using the QGD?


      Thanks and regards



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          Tyler Waterfall



          How (or where) are you seeing only one week of data?

          The Governance Dashboard scans all logs in the specified log folders.

          So, if you set Server Log Path to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer, it will load all of the server log files within that folder. Note - for server and publisher log files, it does not reach into subfolders.


          The one setting where you can change the history to load/maintain is on the Configuration screen - "Years of History". This retains history as follows: 1 = all history for the past 365 days. 2 = all history for the past 365*2 days. etc.


          So, check your Server log folder to be sure you have history there and let me know.