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    unable to scan the governance1.1.1

    padmanabhan ramakrishnan



      I have provided the path for all the directory , logs(server and publisher), file paths and repository paths.


      when I try to scan the dashboard in the configuration tab. It shows "error in hidden script, open script before reload"


      but the hidden script requests for a password.


      Help me!!




        • Re: unable to scan the governance1.1.1
          Tyler Waterfall


          I can try to troubleshoot on QlikCommunity, but you might have better luck sending an email to support@qliktech.com with the following:

          1. screen shot of configuration page
          2. Governance Dashboard.qvw.log
          3. fullscan.messages.log (in the profiles\default\QVX_LastRun folder)
          4. fullscan.statistics.log (in same folder)


          Preliminary questions though -

          1. What version of QV are you using?
          2. Is the Governance Dashboard installed locally on the server(s) where it is being reloaded?
          3. Does the user account trying to reload the Dashboard have read access to the folders to scan?  Does the account have write access to the profile folder?