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    Expressions based on different dimensions

    João Nuno Duarte



      I have a table with the following structure:




      where the first column (dimension) has evenly distributed timestamp values. The aim is to compare two scenarios.


      Let scenario A be composed by the data in rows ts3 and ts4.

      Then, scenario B would consist in relocating data1 associated with ts3 and ts4 to timestamps ts1 and ts2. Therefore:


      Scenario AScenario B
      time_intervalts4-ts3ts2-ts1 (=ts4-ts3)


      I have an input box where the user specifies the new time start for scenario B as a variable. Then, I am using set analysis to associate data1 from scenario A to the corresponding timestamps in scenario B and everything is working fine.


      The problem comes with data2 and, consequently, with data1*data2, since data2 values may not be equal from scenario A to scenario B. (In the example above, data1=c keeps being associated with data2=1, but for data1=d, data2 assumes value "1" and no longer "2").


      I have tried to overcome this issue by using variables/set analysis, but I have not succeeded yet.


      Have you any idea for a possible solution? Is there any function (like match/index/...) that can be useful?


      Thank you & Best regards,