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    Bar chart with bucket, two dimensions, and one expression

      Hi all,


      I have a question that I think involves IntervalMatch for two separate types of counts of objects, but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions or tips would be great!


      I need to create a grouped bar chart that has two sets of bars - one for a bucket for a count of items between 0 and 5, and a second bucket for a count of items between 6 and 10.  I need to count two different types of items (a count of all serial numbers and a count of activated serial numbers).  Then I total the number of companies for each of these two metrics.  I imagine the chart will have four bars, grouped in twos.  Group 1 will represent 0-5 for both metrics, and Group 2 will represent 6-10 for both metrics.  Metric 1 will be Color1 and Metric 2 will be color 2, in both groups of bars.  The expression is a count of companies that have a total of all serial numbers and activated serial numbers in that bucket.


      Hopefully that makes at least some sense.  I'm attaching a mock-up in Excel to help explain what I am visualizing and understand I am being asked for.