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    Variations in Reload Time . . .

    Prasad Dumbre

      Dear All,


      We have one .QVD Generator runs during night and it fetches data from SAP-R3. Many time we observed drastic increase in its avg reload time. Its normal reload time is around 2 hour 40 Mins. But sometimes it takes upto 6 hours.

      Tables which shows drastic increase in reload time are:


      1) IBINVALUES  (MinTime: 30 Min, Max Time: 2 Hour)

      2) JEST (MinTime: 20 Min, Max Time: 1 Hour)

      3) VBFA (Min Time: 30 Min, Max Time: 1 Hour)


      Doing incremental on them is option, But how can we find that why only on some days it takes more times while on other it takes normal time.

      Any idea / suggestions in finding the root cause are appreciated. . . .

      Thanks in advance.


      Note: QV Version- 11.2 SR3


      Thanks & Regards,

      Prasad D. Dumbre

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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hi Prasad,


          I would check the reload log of both occasions and compare them. Are the tables much larger?

          Have you measured the bandwidth?

          Output on the database side?

          Have you recently upgraded any components?




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              Felim Shanaghy

              This could be related to anything from Server load to bandwidth usage.


              Are your databases having extremely large queries run during refresh time - ask DBA

              Is your bandwidth being used elsewhere - Ask Infrastructure

              Is the CPU being over burdened on the QV Server Governance Dashboard- Check

              Is the QV Server low on RAM - Governance dashboard

              Is it reloading during peak usage times - Governance Dashboard