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    Recommended Architecture

      Which are the recommendations/best practices/requirements for the configuration of the server/webserver/proxy?

      Does attached guides are enough to confirm software is properly installed / configured ?

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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hi Oscar,


          The guides are mentioned a few different techniques and features that can be used in different scenarios. A good answer would be that it depends on your requirements. For instance if you have a large and complex environment, you might need a cluster and a third-party NLB (Network Load Balancer) in front of the webservers, but some only use a single webserver.

          It very much depends on what you need and as they state in the guide:

          Please be aware that this document is not supported and meant only as a guide.  Individual environments may require adjustments for things to work correctly.  Recommend contacting QlikView Expert Services for help with configuration.