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    Sum(total <dim1 >[Expression1]) in Pivot table is not working?

      Dear Community,


      I would like to use expression in another expression in pivot table with Sum(total <dim1 >[Expression]) condition,

      but it is not working, anyone has idea?

      Attached herewith the sample (where it is not a real case which is much more complicated)



      The reason why I need to apply:

      Expression1 is actually an input field, which is one of the column in table.

      Client can change the value for that input column, and any change in this column will reflect to Expression2.

      where Expression2 = Sum(total <dim1 >[Expression1])


      There are 3 conditions to calculate Expression2 based on expression1 value,


      if(expression1<100 ,  expression1*0.01,

           if(expression1=100, expression1*0.02,

                if(expression1>100, expression1*0.03, 0)))


      Hope someone could help!